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Who We Are

Managers across Texas have chosen Semmler Elevator Services because customer satisfaction is our driving force.

We understand the value in satisfying every customer no matter the job. Our goal is to exceed elevator safety requirements and to provide you with peace of mind.

‍With a legacy of nearly 30 years in the Texas elevator industry, Semmler Elevator Services takes pride in delivering expert elevator solutions.
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Nearly 30 years of elevator expertise

Our Experience

Over these nearly three decades, we have encountered every challenge and triumph that elevators bring. From vintage models to cutting-edge technology, we have serviced, repaired, and inspected them all.
Team of trained elevator technicians
Certified QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector)
Up-to-date on latest industry advancements & tools/equipment
Mark Semmler, owner

Our History

Mark Semmler began his career in the elevator trade in 1996 making a name for himself working for some of the biggest names in the elevator industry.

In 2016 Mark started Semmler Elevator Services. He is an experienced elevator technician and QEI who has installed, repaired, tested & inspected all types of elevators.

We are 100% committed to providing all our customers the safest means of conveyance.
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Our Services

Our range of elevator services are designed to meet the diverse needs of any multi-story building in Texas.

Ensure that every aspect of your vertical transportation is addressed with Semmler.

Our Recent Work

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San Antonio Based Elevator Services for all of Texas

Serving All of Texas

Semmler Elevator Services offers all its elevator services across the entire state of Texas. Though we are based in San Antonio, our network of technicians and QEI can solve your vertical transportation needs.

What Clients Say About Us

"Recently, we encountered a significant issue with one of our high-traffic elevators, causing inconvenience to tenants and visitors alike. Semmler Elevator responded promptly to our call and dispatched a skilled team of professionals. They meticulously assessed the problem, explaining each step of the repair process to me in a clear and transparent manner.

Throughout the repair project, I was impressed by the level of expertise and professionalism displayed by the Semmler Elevator team. They worked efficiently and with minimal disruption to the building's operations. The repairs were completed successfully, and our elevator now operates smoother and safer than ever before."
- Emily Johnson, Property Manager at Primeview Plaza
"We recently faced some critical issues with our building's elevators, and I must say, Semmler Elevator came to our rescue! Their team of experts swiftly identified the problem and executed the necessary repairs with utmost professionalism. The elevators are now running smoothly, and the tenants are delighted with the improved service.

Semmler Elevator truly went above and beyond our expectations, and their dedication to excellence is evident in their work. As a building manager, I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch elevator repairs."
- John Smith, The Heights Tower
"As a hotel owner, guest satisfaction and safety are my top priorities. Semmler Elevator's commitment to providing top-notch service aligns perfectly with our values at Residence Inn Hotel. I am delighted with the results, and I highly recommend Semmler Elevator to any fellow hotel owners seeking reliable elevator services.

Thank you, Semmler Elevator, for your exceptional work and for contributing to the success of Residence Inn Hotel. Your dedication to excellence has left a lasting impression, and I am grateful for our partnership."
- Ivan Petrov, Residence Inn San Antonio

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the detailed information below for some of the most common questions we get.
1. Where can I find the rules on elevator inspections?
All regulations can be found on the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation's Page.
2. How do I get a Certificate of Compliance?
Once the elevator inspection is completed, the inspector provides the building owner or representative with the inspection report. By signing the report, the owner/representative confirms that any violations have been or will be addressed. Upon submission of the report with the $20/elevator fee, TDLR issues the Certificate of Compliance.
3. How much does an elevator inspection cost?
Rates may differ depending on the inspector's base fee, equipment type, inspection type, and location (hydraulic, traction, escalator, etc.). Get in touch with us to receive a custom quote for the units you need to be inspected.
4. How long does an average elevator repair take?
Repair times can vary depending on the complexity of the issue, but we strive to complete repairs as quickly as possible.
5. How often do elevators need to be inspected?
In order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance, the elevator or related equipment's owner must conduct inspections every 12 months.
6. Does a grace period apply for late inspections?
Unfortunately, there is no grace period for inspections. Inspections must be conducted within a 12-month period and should be completed on or before the anniversary date of the last inspection.
7. How can I extend my elevators lifespan?
Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and adherence to safety guidelines can significantly extend elevator lifespan.
8. How long does it take to get an inspection report?
The inspector must issue the inspection report to the building owner in not more than 5 calendar days.
Don't See an answer to your question below? Contact Us or read TLDR's comprehensive FAQ.

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